Green Highlander is recommended for peat stained / murky waters during the early season at most locations.


The Green Highlander is a truly classic salmon fly that's been around for many
years. It's still popular because it still produces a lot of fish.  Today's version uses hair for
the wing rather than the feathers of the exotic birds that the original pattern used. This
same method has been used to update and improve many of the old classic salmon flies.

The original Highlander fly pattern was designed during the late 19th century by Mr.
Grant of Wester, Elchies. The original version was called the Highlander. The Green
Highlander was developed much later and was one of a very few green flies used for

As with almost all the old Atlantic Salmon flies, the Green Highlander was tested on the
Atlantic Salmon streams of the Eastern United States and Canada and has proven to be
very effective.

Green Highlander - Double

Tail length
Jungle cock
Head color
  • Hook: Partridge of Redditch Low Water Single (N2), Black Nickel
    Materials: Non synthetic, authentic jungle cock. 

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