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The Golden Pheasant

It was originally tied for use in northern California’s Sierra country and is thought to originate from the Gold Lakes area some one hundred years ago. In ’Favourite Flies’ one can read the following: In our quotation from Mr. Wells's book regarding his experiments with artificial flies viewed through the water in a glass tank is explained the peculiar power possessed by the feathers of the golden pheasant of reflecting the light, making them visible beyond all other materials used in fly-making. While airy and graceful, they are also of hard surface, and do not become matted, nor readily absorb the water. Mr. George Herne, of Hertfordshire, England, has made a specialty of breeding golden pheasants to furnish feathers for fly-making, and the feathers from his birds are far superior to those of any other that we know; the crest feathers deepening to the dark, beautiful orange, almost blood-red tips that so greatly enhance the perfection of the salmon flies; the markings on the neck feathers or frills are also deeper and more distinct. Different makers vary in their dressing of the bodies of the Golden Pheasant flies, but that shown seems to us to be in the best harmony, and is, we think, the best known, and most used for salmon, large trout, bass and sea trout.

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