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The Allerton

Allerton, tied by Anton Malinen Lind (Nordic Fly Tyer)

The Allerton was named after Mr. Robert G. Allerton, of New York city, according to Marbury Orvis. This seem to be wrong though according to my own research. It seems to me that Roberts actual name was Reuben G. Allerton, born in the 1800's, the founder of the Oquossoc Angling Association in Maine and author of the book 'About Brook Trout'.

Mr. Reuben G. Allerton, ca 1870.

Mr. Allerton was a deeply religious man devoted to brook trout and to the preservation and further enhancement of fishing in the Rangeley region which lead him to start the Oquossoc Angling Association togheter with his buddy George S. Page. Mr. Page had a serious ego. He was a stock broker at a pre-eminent firm in New York, fancied himself a sportsman and outdoorsman, and liked to think of himself as a sort of Johnny Appleseed, a fish culturist, propagating trout wherever he went, in the mold of Seth Green, New York State's fish commissioner. Unhappily, Mr. Page was not a zoologist or ichthyologist or someone who knew the first thing about stocking fish and the implications thereof. He was a stock broker. But with Mr. Allerton's and Page's significant influence in government, this group was able to do many fine things, not the least of which was to ram through some much-needed fish and game laws, stopping the slaughter of fish each Fall on Bemis stream, where fish were yanked out by gaffs and salted away in barrels by the locals.

Recipe: Vintage Limerick Hook, yellow and black thread from Semperfli Flytying, red duck quill and wood duck from Veniard, saddle hackle and UV resin from Troutline.

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